Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC

Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC is home to the legendary Lion Beer. Birthed and conceptualized on traditional brewing recipes and techniques since 1860, today, Lion Beer has etched an illustrious path to become Sri Lanka's benchmarked leader in the market. Infusing world class best practices, innovation, state of the art technology and a knowledge pool that remains beyond comparison, Lion Beer reflects a true Sri Lankan Brand constructed on a global platform of excellence.

As a respected and responsible industry leader, we ensure that our products are designed, produced and marketed conscientiously and with accountability. We are committed unwaveringly to creating value for our stakeholders and in infusing visionary environmental standards into our processes. As a responsible corporate spearhead, we proudly uphold ethics, values and principles in a 'beyond compliance' milieu.

As is symptomatic of the industry, we must be aware that ours is an adult product and hence, in all aspects of our business, we are completely cognizant that our actions are constructed on a platform of immense responsibility. Thus, as a leading corporate steward, we maintain our product portfolio with pride and responsibility, ensuring that the product we produce reflects the state of the art technology and best practices we have always permeated and that it is aligned to the contemporary needs and wants of our loyal consumers.

Our core values

Pride, Quality, Affordability

Infusing the inherent traits of the King of the jungle, we are a company that has become a true industry leader. We are proud of our heritage and our achievements in over 160 years, having continually walked the path of innovation and visionary pragmatism, to ensure that our products remain on a high platform of quality, while being affordable to our target market.